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Now that I got given a copy of Hell Let Loose by Madhouse I'm gonna have to work on stopping the "scratch and sniff", especially before eating. I never wash my hands before a meal and eating KFC after going under cloth can get a bit sour.

Seriously though, thanks for the game guys. Mad love, mad house.
I didn't win the copy of Hell Let Loose that Madhouse was offering up in the group chat earlier when you guys were initiating us [BOM] boys into fold. I think he was put off the fact that I smell my fingers after I scratch my ********. I think he also took offense to princess Diana's last hat being a bonnet. Is there another copy floating around? I should stop drinking whiskey while I do all this **** hey?
Thanks Red.... Just thanks
All good mate, I did see your post in admin feedback last Wednesday (Before I was an admin) and I agree with you. This is something that I personally am going to be looking at because I have seen a lot of toxicity in chat.
Hey all! any staff available to take a quick look at my latest post? (question at last reply