Squad Squad - King of The Castle

BigD Gaming will be running a "King of The Castle” Event!

Map: Narva AAS v3

Time/Date: 7:30pm AEDT 04/12/2020

RSVP: Register on the BigD Discord Squad Alerts Channel
To ensure you spot is reserved, react with a "thumbs up" to participate and an "ok hand" to reserve your spot as a Squad Leader.

General Rules/Restrictions:
1) All players start within a designated zone and cannot move outside of that zone or engage with the opposite side until the 10minute start up faze has been completed.
2) 10 minute strategy and setup faze for both sides.

Russian Rules/Restrictions:
1) No weapons, class, vehicle or asset restrictions
2) No engaging with the enemy until staging/setup faze has lapsed

USA Rules/Restrictions:
1) No emplacements e.g. no mortars or HMG’s
2) No Commander abilities
3) No engaging with the enemy until staging/setup faze has lapsed

Game Structure:
The game is simple and straight forward! The Russians are to build a Radio anywhere they wish inside the castle on Narva.
The USA then have to destroy that radio…simple! The idea of this events gameplay is that the Russians will build a super fob that will hold and defend the radio at all costs from the USA attack.
After the staging and setup faze has lapsed the USA have 30minutes to destroy the radio. Both the Russians and the USA will have a designated starting zone that they may fortify, protect and build habs as they see fit in order to complete the game mode.
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Squad - King of The Castle
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