Squad Squad - Halloween Zombies

EVENT: Squad - Halloween Zombies
DATE: Friday 29th October
TIME: 16:30 AWST- 18:30 AEST - 19:30 AEDT - 21:30 NZST
HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)
MAP: Sumari Skirmish (Night Map)
There is a small militia group who have been cut off from their extraction vehicle by some Insurgents who are infected with Zombie Syndrome after too much GoGo Juice!
The mission is simple! The militia must follow the river all the way to their extraction vehicle and survive! But they are on the clock!

1) Militia wins the game by reaching and entering their escape vehicle (Starting at main)

2) Insurgents win by killing all the militia or by the militia not reaching their escape vehicle in time!

Militia Specific Rules:
1) Militia will only be allowed the Rifleman class, except for 1 medic.
2) No other use of weapon except for iron sights rifle
3) No ammo creates, emplacements, habs etc
4) No going outside of the rivers banks
5) No respawning as militia once dead
6) You may be revived if possible
7) You have 15 Minutes to escape

Insurgents Specific Rules:
1) Only knifes and smoke grenades are allowed
2) You have to place your radios on the areas shown on the map provided
3) You can place the habs anywhere but in the river
4) Rallies are allowed
5) Ammo creates are allowed (you need heaps to rearm for smokes)
5) No other emplacements, weapons or vehicles allowed etc etc

To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Discord and sign up in the "BigD Events" by reacting accordingly.

The links below are for both BigD Discord and the OCE EVENTS discord and are useful places to get help or ask questions around all things Oceanic Events

BigD Gaming
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Squad - Halloween Zombies
Posted by Ethereal
Friday, October 29, 2021 - 07:30 PM
Until: Friday, October 29, 2021 - 09:30 PM
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