Squad - Friday Fight Night [Tallil Tanks]

BigD Friday Special Event: Squad - Talil Tanks AAS V2

Ladies and gentlemen! Due to popular request we are bringing forward an special event that has been requested for several weeks now. Talil Tanks!!!

This event will play out as follows!

The MEA needs to eliminate both M1A2 Abrams.....simple right? Not at all....the MEA has a large force of 8xBMP's and 2xT62's which packs a furious punch when met on the battlefield!
However the USA is equipped with 6xBradleys and 2xM1A1 Abrams, the MEA will be out gunned from range and firepower....so how will you win? With teamwork and tactics.

On the night there will be the following few rules in place:
1) There will be a slight map area restriction
2) No emplacements will be allowed
3) No commander strikes allowed
4) Once you are dead you cannot engage in the main battle by any means until vehicle re-spawns
5) Once an M1A1 Abram is downed it cannot be used again even after it re-spawns

Yes we here what you are asking....."But what am I supposed to do once I am dead?"
The answer is simple....you will spawn in to the centre of the map with pre-placed HABs and knife fight the other dead enemies in the Gulag. Once a vehicle has re-spawned, you may re-join the fight (10 minutes for vehicle re-spawn)

This may be a quicker than normal event due to it's faced passed action, two rounds will be played but may be more depending on the night.

Load into event staging for the debrief on time otherwise you won’t be able to enter server!
Friday 16/04
Event start: 2000 AEST
Load in: 1930 AEST

There is a very limited number of spots for this round, so get in quick to reserve your place!

To secure your spot in the event head over to #squad-events (in the bigd discord) and post:
In-game name | Team: 1 or 2 | Crew # | Driver or Gunner |

Ethereal | Team 1 | Crew 1 | Driver |

You will NOT be allowed to play if you have not secured your spot or miss the debrief! It is first in first served, so check the list before commenting.
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Squad - Friday Fight Night [Tallil Tanks]
Posted by Ethereal
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