Squad Squad: Friday Fight Night - Take The Beach!

EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Take The Beach
DATE: 29/07/2022
TIME: 18:00 AWST 19:30 AEST 21:30 NZST
HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)
MAP: Black Coast Invasion v1

BRIEF/OBJECTIVE: The Militia have stolen the blueprints to the new iPhone 14 in the fort on Black Coast and the USMC want them back!
So, storm the beach and take them back by destroying the radio within fortress that contains the documents. Game is won by either USMC destroying the radio, Militia ticket bleeding USMC or Militia keeping their radio up for the 30-minute game duration.

*3 min staging phase
*10 min setup for Militia
*30 min game phase
*2 min break
*Total = 45 Mins (2 rounds to be played)

1) No super fobbing, blocking off or fortifying any part of the beach or fort
2) No Commander Strikes
3) No Mortars
4) Stay within the restricted zone space at all times
5) USMC will take first point to allow larger ticket count

USA Specific Rules/Gameplay:
1) You may use any vehicles you like
2) Helicopters have a 10-minute delay
3) Do not sit the vehicles in the water and snipe from a distance, all vehicles must actively push forwards at all times

Militia Specific Rules/Gameplay:
1) You may use any emplacement you like except mortars
2) Only the scout car, spg technical and browning technical are allowed
3) You may have 1 hab outside of the fortification radio zone (within the gameplay space)
4) You may do logistics runs for the entire game with 1 player

RSVP: To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Discord and sign up in the "BigD Events" by reacting accordingly to the SESH bot.
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Squad: Friday Fight Night - Take The Beach!
Posted by Ethereal
Friday, July 29, 2022 - 08:00 PM
Until: Friday, July 29, 2022 - 10:00 PM
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