Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night: Search & Destroy

EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Search & Destroy
DATE: Friday 20th August
TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST
HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)
MAP: Anvil AAS V1
The Russians have attempted to hide two stashes of weapons and white sniffing powder….it is up to the British to find them!

British intelligence has located 4 possible stash drop zones in the northwest corners of the Lashkar Valley. Your job as the British army is to find which of the four locations has the stashes, the Russians however must defend their goods at all costs!

1) Locate and destroy the two Russian Stashes (Radios)
2) Both Russian and British HABS/Radios may be engaged
3) The radios/stashes for the Russians will be randomly selected by the admins on the night
4) No Artillery strikes
5) No Mortars

*5 min staging phase
*10 min set up for both outposts
*40 min game phase
*5 min break
*Total = 60 Mins
(2 rounds to be played)

British Specific Rules:
1) 2x A10 Strikes allowed
2) No restrictions on how many habs you can use
3) Rallies allowed

Russian Specific Rules:
1) 2x SU-25 Strikes allowed
2) Only one layer deep of sandbags and one layer of razor wire allowed to defend the radio
(Sandbags may be stacked as high as you like, this is to reduce super fobbing)
3) Russians will only be able to have two habs, these habs will be built off the two radios/stashes
4) The radio can be saved if it doesn’t bleed out and if habs go down you can replace them
4) Rallies allowed
5) No attempting to block off radios with objects that cannot be destroyed or by exploitation

To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Discord and sign up in the "BigD Events" by reacting accordingly.

The links below are for both BigD Discord and the OCE EVENTS discord and are useful places to get help or ask questions around all things Oceanic Events

BigD Gaming
Join the BigD Gaming Discord Server! | https://discord.gg/ggV8nf3

Join the OCE Squad Events Discord Server! | https://discord.gg/Mk2F9yaPG9

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Squad - Friday Fight Night: Search & Destroy
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