Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night : Operation Desert Storm - Gulf War

EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Operation Desert Storm - Gulf War
DATE: Friday 6th August
TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST
HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)
MAP: Tallil Tanks v1
If you are not familiar with Operation Desert Storm of the 1990's then you are about to be!
In the harsh desert of Tallil, the USA artillery have just laid waste to the Tallil airfields and eliminated majority of the MEA resistance.
However, a USA surveillance drone has detected a radio outpost responsible for calling in counter artillery strikes in the area as well as a last resistance outpost on the north of Tallil, somewhere in the township of Bartha.

The objective is simple!

Take out the radio at the outpost and then make your way to the last resistance outpost and eliminate the radio there also!

1) You must take the Radio outpost before making your way to the Last Resistance Outpost.
2) USA wins via eliminating both radios at the outposts
3) MEA wins via ticket bleed or time bleed

*5 min staging phase
*15 min set up for both outposts
*40 min game phase
*Total = 60 Mins
(2 rounds to be played)

MEA Specific Rules:
1) Only 4 MBT's/BMPs are allowed in play at any time e.g. 2xT-62s & 2xBMP’s
2) No commander strikes allowed
3) No other specific rules apply

USA Specific Rules:
1) Only 4 MBT's/Bradleys are allowed at any time e.g. 2xM1A2’s & 2xBradleys
2) Only 2 A-10 strikes allowed
3) Do not attempt to attack the “Last Resistance Outpost” prior to the first outpost being destroyed
4) No other specific rules apply

To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Discord and sign up in the "BigD Events" by reacting accordingly.

The links below are for both BigD Discord and the OCE EVENTS discord and are useful places to get help or ask questions around all things Oceanic Events

BigD Gaming
Join the BigD Gaming Discord Server! | https://discord.gg/ggV8nf3

Join the OCE Squad Events Discord Server! | https://discord.gg/Mk2F9yaPG9
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Squad - Friday Fight Night : Operation Desert Storm - Gulf War
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