Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night: MEE Scrim Night!

EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Scrim Night!

DATE: Friday 25th March

TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST

MODS: MEE (Middle Eastern Escalation)

HOST: BigD Gaming (Custom Server)

MAP: MEE Forest AAS v1 SASvRSF or MEE Logar AAS v1 SASvRSF (Vote on the layer)

BigD Friday Fight Night returns to its roots on when it all began! We are taking over a 2 year wind back to the days when we used to run Friday Fight Nights as a comp style scrim night, encouraging strong tactical game play and a focus on playing the game at a higher skill level. There will be dedicated reaction rolls for clans and public players to select if they wish to SL or Blueberry the rounds.

So the objective of this mission is simple! Overcome the enemy and win the match with every ounce of skill you have at the game! This event is dedicated to playing to the idea of comp style, which means being smart and employing strong tactics!

To play this event you will need to have the MEE mod installed and ready to go! It is a relatively small mod around 3GB. But allows us to play spec ops classes and the OP First Light map!
Link is below:
Steam Workshop::Middle East Escalation (Updated) | https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1959152751&searchtext=mee

2 Rounds to be played back to back with a 45min game time limit each round.
Victory with ticket bleed or time ending with highest tickets.

1) Play within public server rules e.g. no team killing or toxic behaviour
2) No -playing off point unless it is directly helping the attack or defence e.g. no super fobs off point

Russian Specific Rules:
1) N/A

Aussie Specific Rules:
1) N/A

To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Discord and sign up in the "BigD Events" by reacting accordingly.

The links below are for both BigD Discord if you wish to sign up and don’t have the discord link handy!

BigD Gaming

Join the BigD Gaming Discord Server! | https://discord.gg/bigd

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Squad - Friday Fight Night: MEE Scrim Night!
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