Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night Ft- Dorilsk

EVENT: Friday Fight Night Ft- Dorilsk Mod Map

DATE: TIME: Friday 25th @ 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST

MODS: Dorilsk (Map Mod)

HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)

MAP: Dorilsk AAS V1

Dorilsk is a smaller forest map set in Eastern Europe, featuring a number of highly defendable capture zones surrounded by dense forests. Points of interest include (but are not limited to), a small village, farms, a radio tower, ruins, hidden encampments, and an entrenched airfield.

On this map you will be playing a classic version of AAS and will be a faceoff between the Russians and USA forces. With this new mod map, it will not be like a normal AAS round, you will have to learn on your feet of what are good and bad areas of defence an understand where the enemy may flank from.

This mod file is very small, at around 250MB and has been well tested for bugs. There is a list of several bugs and glitches on the main page in the steam workshop, if you encounter any then there is quick easy trouble shoots.

Due to running a mod map and the chances of at least someone having issues, please download this mod before the briefing to ensure that it runs for you properly, if you have issues reach out to me for assistance.


1) Play as per public playing rules, no other asset or commander restrictions apply.

2) Have FUN!


To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Discord and sign up in the "Squad-Events" channel after you pick your team/side by commenting the following (example)

Ethereal | USA | Team 1 | Soldier1

Note that team availabilities are updated every few hours, so keep an eye on this discord channel "BigD Events" to see what spots are available at the time you RSVP

The links below are for both BigD Discord and the OCE EVENTS discord and are useful places to get help or ask questions around all things Oceanic Events

BigD Gaming

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Squad - Friday Fight Night Ft- Dorilsk
Posted by Ethereal
Friday, June 25, 2021 - 07:00 PM
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