Squad - Friday Fight Night | Defend The Commander

Event: Defend The Commander
Date: 30/04/2021
Time: 7:30PM AEST (Briefing) 8:00PM AEST (Start Time)
Location: BigD Gaming Events Server (Custom Browser)
Story Line: The Insurgents have pushed the U.S. infantry out of the city of Al Basrah and are closing in on a high-level military target, Commander Farsight. The insurgents only have a short window to capture and eliminate the commander and claim victory over the region, driving back the infidels once and for all. The U.S. infantry however are not giving up so easily! They have fortified themselves into the small village of Al Khora and are willing to defend their commander at all costs, until extraction arrives to transport Commander Farsight to a nearby airbase. Who will come out on top? Game Briefing: The Insurgents and U.S. forces get 10 minutes to set up their respective pre-allocated bases. Once game start is called the Insurgents have 35 minutes to eliminate the commander to win the game. The U.S. force must hold back the Insurgent forces for 25 minutes before allowing one U.S. soldiers to either attempt to extract the commander out of Al Khora by either Helicopter or Transport Truck. The commander must get in either vehicle within the U.S. restricted playing zone before retreating to the airbase. Games end will either be via time lapsing of 35 minutes or from one of the “Ends Game” rules has been achieved.(edited)

General Rules:
1) No commander abilities for either side
2) No Emplacements for either side
3) No use of vehicles except for logistics vehicles during the set up phase, after set up faze ends, no vehicles allowed of any kind
4) Restricted areas are in place for both the US and Insurgents
5) U.S. forces are not allowed to attempt to destroy any Insurgents habs/radios.
6) U.S. and Insurgent forces can engage targets at any distance, providing you are within the restricted zone space
7) No going outside of your allocated restricted zones
8) During the setup faze you must not leave your hab compounds until game start is called
9) Rally points can be placed anywhere within the restricted zones

Game Points Insurgents:
1) 1 Point allocated if you destroy the U.S. Radio & Hab
2) 1 Point allocated if you destroy the U.S. extraction Helicopter/Transport Truck
3) 2 Points if you eliminate the commander at any point (Ends Game)

Game Points U.S.:
1) 1 Point allocated if your commander survives the entire 35 minutes (Ends Game)
2) 3 Points allocated if you extract you commander (Ends Game)

Team Selection: In order to secure your preferred role in this game, please post the following in the #squad-events chat as follows for the kit/position you wish to start round 1 with and will then carry over to round 2 when sides switch.
Ethereal | Team 1 |U.S. | Rifleman |
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Squad - Friday Fight Night | Defend The Commander
Posted by Ethereal
BigD Events Server
Friday, April 30, 2021 - 07:30 PM
Until: Friday, April 30, 2021 - 10:00 PM
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