Squad Squad - Escort The Convoy [ONE LIFE EVENT]

BigD Gaming will be running an "Escort The Convoy" One Life Event!

Map: Al Basrah AAS V1

Time/Date: 7:30pm AEDT 21/11/2020

RSVP: Register on the BigD Discord Squad Alerts Channel

General Rules/Restrictions:
1) All players start at a designated zone.
2) 10 minute set up faze for both sides.
3) No HABS or Rallies (Radio and Ammo Boxes Allowed).
4) The commander and at least one vehicle from the convoy must reach the designated safe zone to call games end.
5) If either the commander or the entire convoy is destroyed then game ends.
6) It is a one life event! You can be revived by a medic, but if you bleed out then it is onto the bench until games end.

Insurgents Rules/Restrictions:
1) No emplacements, technicals or hats (RPGs, Mines and IED's are allowed).
2) Cannot venture outside of dedicated playing zone.
3) Commander Mortar Strike Only

USA Rules/Restrictions:
1) No emplacements.
2) Cannot venture outside of dedicated playing zone.
3) Commander Warthog Airstrike Only
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Squad - Escort The Convoy [ONE LIFE EVENT]
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