Squad - Black Hawk Down

EVENT: Black Hawk Down
DATE: 28/05/2021
TIME: 1800 AWST | 2000 AEST | 2200 NZST - BRIEFING to occur 15 minutes before kick off.
HOST: BigD Gaming |

Briefing: The INS forces have shot down a USA Black Hawk in the city of Fallujah and have formed a barrier between the USA forces and the crew of the downed Black Hawk. It is up to the USA to breach past the INS forces and extract the two remaining survivors from the crash site via vehicle and get them back to the safety of the USA controlled command centre.

Game Overview and Playout:
1) 45 min round in total
2) 5 Minute staging
3) 10 Minute HAB setup
4) 15 Minutes Phase 1 (INS unable to move outside of black lines & USA cannot extract pilots)
5) 15 Minutes Phase 2 (USA may extract pilots & INS can move outside of black lines)
6) Due to getting a layer with a crashed black hawk and having USA vs INS we have had to pick an invasion layer, the USA ticket count is lower but can be recovered by taking points on the way to the crash site. This will add another aspect to the match as the USA had limited resources at this time anyway. . . .

Winning Points/Games End: USA:
1) Minimum of 1 pilot must be extracted via allocated vehicles to USA main

1) Eliminate both pilots
2) USA ticket count drops to 0 . . .

Rules/Restrictions: Faction Based
1) USA must start the match behind the blue line, after match begins can move freely within the playable zone, all the way up to the crash site
2) HABS must be placed in predesignated zones
3) No Emplacements or mines may be used
4) Only 1 A10 Warthog strike may be used during the match
5) USA may take down the MEA HABS as they progress to the crash site
6) The 2 pilots who survived the crash must be extracted via transport or MRAP by any individual elected
7) No other vehicle except for rule 6 vehicles may be used
8) Either one or both pilots must be extracted back to the USA main to call games end
9) Rally points may be used . . .

1) INS must start behind the white line
2) During the first 15 minutes of "Phase 1", the INS cannot move outside of the black lines playable area
3) Once "Phase 1" has lapsed and "Phase 2" begins, the INS may spawn from any location
4) Throughout the entire match the INS cannot move past the USA blue line
5) The only vehicles allowed are logistics and technical, no other vehicles are allowed during the game
6) No commander strikes
7) No Emplacements or mines may be used
8) No barricades, sandbags, or deliberate blocking of the roads with vehicles to attempt to stop the USA extraction is allowed
9) Rally points may be used . . .

Team Selection: In order to secure your preferred role in this game, please post the following in the "squad-events" channel as follows for the squad and role you wish to start round 1 with and will then carry over to round 2 when sides switch.

Ethereal | Team 1 | U.S. | Soldier 4
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Squad - Black Hawk Down
Posted by Ethereal
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