South African Border War: Operation Savannah

EVENT: South African Border War: Operation Savannah
DATE: 14/05/2021
TIME: 1800 AWST | 2000 AEST | 2200 NZST - BRIEFING to occur 10 minutes before kick off.
MODS: Steam Workshop::OperationSavannah |
HOST: BigD Gaming | Join the BigD Gaming Discord Server! |
DETAILS: Featuring the South African Border War from 1966-1989 in South West Africa and Angola. It is always great to fight in a new environment! With custom factions, highly detailed areas true to the South African geographic, this will surely be a fight to remember!

As this is a Mod, there are some things to be made aware of, and we’ve put the following rules in place for those reasons.
1. There is no water damage - as such, please stay out of any deep water! Those caught breaking the rules will be kicked from the event and be ineligible for whitelisting.
2. There is no map border yet - as such, stay close to the points and we should have an action packed game.
3. Standard BigD Servers rules still apply
4. It appears vehicles can spawn while one is still active. You are only allowed ONE MBT at a time.

Game Structure
Normal AAS match. Each round will last 1 hours or until tickets run out. Team with the most tickets after both rounds will be declared the winners.

Please start joining the BigD events staging VoIP channel 15-20 minutes before the event starts. Briefing will start 10 minutes before kick off. Make sure to be there. You will not be able to talk in this channel unless you are given a role. Be patient, use the functions if you need something (raise hand etc).

The file size is just under 2GB, so please make sure the mod is downloaded before the event.

Event sign up in the BigD Gaming Discord.
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South African Border War: Operation Savannah
Posted by Ethereal
Friday, May 14, 2021 - 08:00 PM
Until: Friday, May 14, 2021 - 10:00 PM
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