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Hey Big D squaddies,

We have decided to bring in some changes to the Server Seeding/ low pop rules. In the hopes to improve game play and enjoyment when the server is at a lower pop/ seeding. Along with the changes to some rules, the maps have also been updated Instead of Logar Valley skirmish v1, Manic Skirmish v1, and Sumari AAS v1 the maps will now be Fallujah skirmish v2, Mutaha skirmish v1, and than Sumari AAS v1. For information on these layers follow the link below.


4. Server Seeding ( When the SERVER is equal/ below 40 players)

  1. Do NOT place the FOBs/ HABs within and at least 100 meters away from the middle cap or one cap back from the middle cap.
  2. HABs that are placed on or too close to the cap MAY be attacked and dug down.
  3. Do NOT place a FOB between the middle cap and the enemies next cap.
2. Only fight over the middle cap and no further - i.e. if you take the middle cap, defend it
3. Do NOT camp or takedown enemy FOBs that are off cap
4. Do NOT past the middle cap
5. Do NOT use mortar or any other offensive emplacements

We hope these changes make seeding more enjoyable. If you see people on the server that may not be aware of these changes give them a friendly reminder to give the rules a read either on the Team Select page in game or here on our website. ( Link to sqauad rules page below). If you have any questions or queries leave a comment below of message us on discord. (Link Below)

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