SCUM is back at BigD!

It's been a while, but it was time to bring back SCUM!!!

This time with a brand new patch including Airplanes & Outposts.
Have a look here for all the details on the latest 0.7 patch: (Steam :: SCUM :: SCUM - WINGS OF FURY |

As always BigD have a great admin team setup consisting of multiple long time players. Above & beyond that though the admin team are all accountable for their actions which are publicly visible in the SCUM discord channels. Please feel free to check out all the visible SCUM channels to see how BigD are managing this server & how seriously we & the admin team believe having a fair place to play is.

Whether you form or join a clan or go it solo there's bound to be some fun on the BigD SCUM server! We will have some limited PvE zones for those wanting to get started & learn the game, But all the resources to build a base will be out there in the BIG SCUM world that is all PvP - so get ready for some fun!

We hope you all enjoy the server & are looking forward to a thriving SCUM community to form here at BigD!

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