HLL Hell Let Loose: Nazi Zombies

Objective: 12 retreating US soldiers have found themselves amongst a filthy Nazi Zombie horde, born of evil experiments of the Third Reich.
Map: Hurtgen Forest (German Offensive)
Vehicles: None

Forces: Per Side: 2x Commanders (referees)
3x Media officers in Armour Squads No Communications allowed

US: 2x INF Squad: 1x SL (any class) 1x Medic 2-4x (any class, NO EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS ALLOWED). Squads must be filled.

The US Squad size will be 20% of the Zombie Horde (5 to 1 ratio)

Germany: Open INF Squad: 1x SL (any class) 1x Rifleman (any class). Recommend two man squads for more OPs.

US must make it to the Evac point by the end of round timer (15 min) They must enter the truck and drive off to win Even if only one player makes it to the truck, US wins.
End of round timer signified by bombing runs on main road.
No respawns for US forces. Once all US forces are eliminated, Germany wins.
US forces must remain on main road, not capture any points and not eliminate German spawns.
Zombies can roam anywhere on the map.
Zombies have infinite respawns Zombies must use melee only
German forces can communicate and work together to eliminate the Allied Squad
Any use of weapons other than shovel will mean Germany forfeit.
German Zombies may throw smoke, but not on the road. The road must remain smoke free for the Allies, the smoke is to obscure zombie movement.

Staging: Germany shall line with as many Garrisons and OPs in strategic locations near the road in columns G-H. Spawns shall be placed far enough from the road such that they are not locked out be US forces. ‘Warning’ proximity is OK. No spawns in US lines, but the zombies are free to move US shall position their OP at the starting point BUILDING as shown on map. US shall position a transport truck at Evac point as shown on map. Game can be started once all spawns are placed, players are spawned in (both sides) the referees will begin a countdown. The commander will capture the first point and this signifies the start of the match.

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Hell Let Loose: Nazi Zombies
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