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Hey everyone! ️

After the recent release of our Golf With Your Friends Bouncy Castle Course, Team17 are looking to get some accessibility-related feedback on the game to ensure we can improve the experience of our games in future for players with disabilities or accessibility requirements!

If you have any accessibility feedback you would like to talk to us about, you may either speak to us via voice call or text discussion over software such as Discord or Microsoft Teams (or other accessible communication software if needed) in a one-to-one setting, or alternatively you may provide accessibility feedback via our anonymous form

If you would be happy to give us some feedback around accessibility on Golf With Your Friends, please fill out our form below. There is an option to disclose whether you would like to speak to us directly or just fill in our form under Question 1.


⛳ These sessions are specifically for accessibility feedback, so if you have any general game feedback, please continue to post this in the General Discussions, or Report a Problem forum!

Many thanks all! ✨

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