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Hey there Golfers!  

Thank you for your patience as we have worked to resolve a few issues from our last update! We have now released a hotfix for the following issues:

Resolved graphical issues on Bouncy Castle Course.

⛳ Level Editor Fixes:
  • Objects will now respect the state of the ‘Snap’ setting when initially placed from the palette.
  • Softlock resolved when testing a course containing the 6x6Ramp+2_Base_deep object.
  • Manipulating planes in the object movement widget now respects the snap setting.
  • The Workshop course select menu can now display over 50 subscribed courses.
  • Quick-place functionality reimplemented for objects already in the scene.

    This differs slightly from the original implementation. Upon pressing the quick-place key (default alt), a new copy will immediately appear on the cursor and can be placed freely.
Known Issue:
Only the first copied object will retain height/scale/rotation values. This can be worked around by re-pressing the quick place key after placing a copy, and will be fixed in an upcoming update!

That's all for now, Golfers! Keep an eye on our page for any further updates as we continue to take on your feedback! ️‍♂️

If you have any general feedback, we'd love to know! You can make a post in the General Discussions for this. If you are experiencing any issues with the game, get in touch with us in the Report a Problem forum and our Support Team will be in touch!

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