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Hi golfers!

We’ve released a patch to address some reported issues and also add in some metrics that will allow us to get a better understanding of how players are interacting with the game.

We’ve implemented analytics tracking purely so we can get a read of how players are interacting with the game! For example, it will allow us to see which course is the most played.

In the event that you see ‘’ in a filter pop-up, this is nothing to be alarmed about. This is not an advertising feature – ‘ads’ stands for Amazon Directory Service. This is simply the service we use to manage configuration data in game, for example: links to social media channels, or authenticating multiplayer services with our provider.

If you encounter any issues when playing Golf With Your Friends, please post in our forum or submit a support ticket through our website[].

A full list of changes can be found below…

Patch Notes

  • Added in game metrics to help us understand how players engage with different parts of the game.

  • Front end music will briefly play at the default volume when first loading into the front end
  • Anti-aliasing setting not retaining its state
  • An offensive player name doesn't become censored after a player enables the profanity filter
  • The game does not register the ball is in the hole if pushed in by another ball
  • Player unable to continue if another player hits them into the hole
  • Cannot press 'enter' to join a password lobby, only the mouse
  • The bindings are reset on both Keyboard and Gamepad controls if defaults are applied on either one
  • Keytips for gameplay functions remain visible when spectating other players after scoring
  • Previous player's HUD text briefly overlaps with the "Your turn' HUD text of the next player when the previous player completes the current hole in any way
  • The 'Free-cam' tutorial tip will display in-game whilst playing in a mode that has Free-cam Time set to 0/disabled
  • In-game friends that are set to 'Away' on Steam appear after 'Online' friends that are not running the title on the Frontend Friends list
  • There are visual issues with the shot counter UI in practice mode
  • Turn timer UI element flickers when pausing the game
  • General fixes & Improvements.

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