HLL Friday Fight Night - Cemetery Close Quarter Battle

Where: BigD Events Staging VOIP

When: Friday the 13th of May

Game mode: Close Quarters Battle

Game length: 30-40 min rounds

Players: 40-64

Ref: 1-2

Setup: Map rolled so that cemetery is not the point and then build the garrisons are 90m from the middle of the cemetery.

Rules: The objective of the game is to battle through the St Mere Eglise Cemetery and secure the OP sector and then to knockout the opposing teams garrison.

- There is only one garrison per team. Once this is destroyed and the remaining enemy team is wiped out the round is won.
- The only place where squad leaders can deploy an OP is in the OP sector in the centre of the cemetery.
- The Play Zone is divided into 2 halves ( Zone A and Zone B ) . Each team will be given 10 minutes to prepare defensive positions.
- All infantry classes are in play .
- Anti-Tank guns are restricted
- 1 Player on each team is allowed to use Smoke Artillery.
- Commander abilities are restricted apart from supply drop.
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Friday Fight Night - Cemetery Close Quarter Battle
Posted by WeatheredxGumby
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