HLL BigD Gaming - HLL - 12v12 Tournament

BigD Gaming - HLL - 12v12 Tournament

BigD Gaming is proud to present a tournament worthy of the BEST HLL Teams! With the support & help of our community affiliated clans & the HLL Admin/Events Team we have put together a GRAND TOURNAMENT!

Best of luck to those who enter & claim victory in the first BigD Gaming HLL 12v12 Tournament!

Tournament Details:

The tournament will be played between 8 teams. Teams will be split into two pools consisting of four teams each. Each team will play a total of three matches against the other teams in their pool in a round robin style event to determine who will proceed to the semi-finals.

Round Robin Points:

During the round robin teams will be awarded points for a match.
  • 3 points for a victory
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss
The four teams with the most points at the end of the round robin will proceed through to the semi-finals and have a chance to play in the finals. If the fourth spot is contested (i.e. 2 or more teams have the same amount of points) a match/s will be held to determine who will proceed through.

Semi-finals and Finals:

The Semi-finals and finals will be played in an elimination style event. Two matches will be played with the victors of those matches proceeding to the Finals. The two teams defeated in the semi-finals will proceed through to an extra round to determine the 3rd place spot.

The players victorious in the finals will be crowned the BigD HLL 12v12 Tournament Champions! This will include merchandise prizes, a discord champion tag, whitelisting and a guaranteed spot in the Hell Let Loose Warfare events run by BigD, along with any future tournaments.

Team Rules:

  1. Each team to be filled with 12 players
    • Each team can submit a list of up to 20 players (12 players plus reserve players) at the start of the tournament
    • Teams cannot substitute players for people not on their submitted team list of 20
  2. Each team must only be composed of players not playing in another team (12 main players)
    • Reserve players (max 8) may be on multiple team lists
    • Once a reserve player has played in a team they can no longer play with another team (players can only play for one team)
  3. Any player kicked from a match/voip channel/server for rule breaking will no longer be allowed to participate in the tournament for any team from that point forward.

VoIP Channels and Joining/Leaving the Server:

  1. Teams will need to have at least 12 players loaded into the event-staging voip in BigD discord a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their rostered game time
    • Players may enter the event-staging voip as early as they wish and stay as long as they like
    • Players will not load into the server until specifically asked to by an admin
    • Any players seen loading in when not asked may be removed from the tournament
  2. Players will be moved by an admin into their respective tournaments voip 10 minutes prior to match start
    • Players can load into the server once they have been moved into tournament voip
    • Once players are in the server they must stay there
    • If players load in on the wrong side and cannot change an admin will force swap them (please notify an admin if this occurs)
  3. Substitute players can load into the match along with the 12 active players
    • Substitute players will stay next to their team’s garrison and face away from the active playing field
    • Substitute players seen moving around or trying to ‘ghost’ from the garrisons may be removed from the match
    • If an active player is disconnected from the match, or must leave the match for any reason, team leaders can request from a referee a substitute player to enter the active playing field
    • Substitute players may not enter a match in the place of an active player if that active player has been kicked by a referee for rule breaking
  4. The map will be rolled at the end of the match
    • A few players may be asked to stay to assist admins set up for the next match
    • Teams (excluding players helping set up the next match) must immediately leave the server
  5. After match completion players are to move from the tournament voip into the after-match voip
    • Players can use this time to thank/congratulate the other team or discuss the match before leaving
    • Any players being toxic, griefing or being derogatory may be removed from the tournament
    • Players are asked to leave the after-match voip channel before the next match finishes
  6. Once leaving the after-match voip players may return to the event-staging voip with all other teams to ready for their next match.


  1. The map to be used will be announced one week prior to each match
  2. Teams will not play the same map twice
    • If teams have played all playable maps a coin toss will determine which map will be played
  3. Maps will not be rolled to a certain layer, teams will play on the layer that is automatically loaded with the map

Game Rules:

  1. Teams will fight over a strongpoint for 30 minutes
    • The strong point will be the middle cap on the map
  2. The team that has the strongpoint captured at the end of the 30 minutes gameplay time will be determined the winner of the match
    • If the strongpoint is being contested at the end of the 30 minutes gameplay time, teams will enter overtime
    • During overtime, the team to capture the strongpoint and hold it for 30 seconds uncontested will end the match and be determined the winner
    • Overtime will not exceed 5 minutes
    • If no team has the hardpoint captured by the end of the overtime allocation, the match will be considered a draw
  3. Three garrisons will be placed during set-up to be used as main base
    • Garrison placement will be 400 meters from the Hardpoint on either side
    • There will be a ‘dead zone’ of 50 meters between teams main and the active battel field
    • If a player is seen crossing into the dead zone during set-up they may be removed from the match
    • If a player is seen entering the enemy’s dead zone or ‘camping’ their main during gameplay the player will be warned, second offence will result in a kick from the match
    • Camping main includes any players killing enemies as they spawn or killing the enemies as they are returning to the active gameplay area through the dead zone. Enemies may not be killed until they have reached the active gameplay area
    • If players are considered to be to close to camping main (i.e. the player is waiting for the enemy to cross the dead zone and killing them once they hit active gameplay area) a referee can issue a waring to the players to fall back. If the players do not fall back after a warning they may be removed from the game
  4. Teams can only use two infantry squad during game play
    • Any use of Charlie squads or above for the main 12 players will be disbanded
    • Reserve players may use Charlie and Delta squad only
    • This excludes any:
      • Command abilities
      • Recon (spotter or sniper)
      • Tanks
      • Artillery
      • AT guns
    • Buildable objects include:
      • All engineering fortifications
      • All nodes
    • Command abilities are off limits once the match begins. The Commander (referee) may use supply drops to build the main base garrisons prior to the start of the match
  5. Only outposts may be used during the match. If a player is seen building garrisons in the active gameplay they may be removed from the match
  6. If a player is seen entering an out of boundaries area, they will have 10 seconds to return to the active gameplay area or they may be removed from the game
    • Repeat offenders may be removed from the match
    • When players spawn at main players will have 10 seconds to leave and start crossing the dead zone to return to the active gameplay area
    • Players must cross the dead zone without stopping
    • If players are seen lingering in main or the dead zone they may be removed from the match.

Tournament Dates & Roster:



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