Squad BigD Gaming Community Squad Event – Defend The Outpost

EVENT: BigD Gaming Community Squad Event – Defend The Outpost

DATE: 28/001/2022

TIME: 17:00 AWST 18:00 AEST 19:00 AEDT 21:00 NZST


HOST: BigD Gaming

MAP: Al Basrah Insurgency v1

The British have been forced out of the city of Al Basrah and have fortified themselves in their last outpost till reinforcements arrive. The insurgents are armed and ready to drive the Brits from their land!

1) The British have to hold off their position and defend the radio for 30minutes
2) The Insurgence have to destroy the radio within the time frame allocated
3) The British will be allowed to cap the first point so they can gain more tickets for defending

*5 min staging phase
*10 min set up for British
*30 min game phase
*5 Min Break
*Total = 50 Mins
(2 rounds to be played)

British Specific Rules:
1) Only 1x Commander strike allowed (if strike bugs out another will be allowed)
2) You may go anywhere on the battlefield (not advised or you may lose your outpost)
3) All emplacements allowed
4) Only the following vehicles are allowed
1x FV432
1x FV432 RWS
All x Logistics Vehicles

Insurgents Specific Rules:
1) No Commander strikes allowed (no drones either)
2) You may use smoke mortars after 20 minutes of gameplay (last ditch effort)
3) No Emplacements of any kind
4) IED’s on vehicles are allowed
5) Do not cross the north bank of the river (you can shoot over it)
6) Only the following vehicles are allowed:
2x Technical SPG’s
2X Technical M2A1 Browning’s
All x Bikes
All x Logistics Vehicles


To reserve you spot, head over to the BigD Gaming Discord and sign up in the BigD-Events Channel by reacting accordingly to the SESH bot.
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BigD Gaming Community Squad Event – Defend The Outpost
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Friday, January 28, 2022 - 07:00 PM
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