BigD ARMA is Back!


Prepare your banter skills because BigD Gaming has an ARMA 3 server.... once again!

Never played ARMA 3? get ready for a multiplayer focussed mission based game that pits you against the worst of the worst, from Vietcong to modern armies for control of resources, equipment and land! Battle against the enemy to claim their FOB or build a home base that can withstand an assault, all while deploying troops across the map in true assault fashion!

Launch Date: Friday the 19th of November @ 7PM AEDT

Server Name: | ARMA Australia
Server IP:

BigD ARMA Portal: ARMA |
BigD Discord Server: Join the BigD Gaming Discord Server! |

Server will be setup in a Squad format which supports great teamplay but also prevents massive teams and clans from forming and ruling over other units.

We hope to see many members of our Affiliated Clans joining us on this new ARMA server and welcome all other community members/friends or newcomers to join in and have some fun.
Be sure to get on the BigD Gaming discord server and engage with the other ARMA players in the ARMA community channels.

See you all on Friday night at 7PM AEDT!
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