HLL Battle for Hospice

Gamemode : Warfare on St Mere Eglise (Infantry Only)
Players : 40 - 60
Admins/Refs: 2-4
Rounds : 3
Round Time : 25 minutes
Event Time: Approx 1.5 - 2 hrs including setup and briefing
Setup Required: Admins need to get the right map setup using RCON and then join the server early to build the preset Garrisons for both teams.
• This is a battle for Hospice on St Mere Eglise that will last 30 minutes. The team that is in control of the Hospice hardpoint (Red Area) at the end of 30 minutes, wins the match. The winning team for the night will be determined from the best of 3 rounds.
• All players must spawn on the teams preset garrisons at the start of the game. (Green Stars / Red Lightning).
• All classes are allowed but there are some restrictions (listed below).
• Squads must be full (where possible).
• Each team has two spawn garrisons that are outside the play zone and are NOT to be dismantled or engaged by enemy players in anyway. Once the round commences or when players spawn on the preset garrisons they must run directly to the play zone.
• Both teams are allowed to build more garrisons within the play zone (Yellow Area).
• Both teams are allowed to use OPs within the play zone.
• Supply Trucks are allowed but must only be driven into the play zone following the designated routes (Orange lines).
• Commander abilities are allowed including airheads (AH must be inside the play zone).
• Engineers may build Nodes and Defences. No AT mines but AP mines are allowed.
• Anti Tank Class & Rocket Launchers are allowed but no Anti-Tank gun emplacements.
• Recon Teams are allowed but they must remain inside the play zone.
• Tanks and Artillery are NOT permitted. (INFANTRY ONLY)(edited)
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Battle for Hospice
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Friday, August 27, 2021 - 07:30 PM
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