HLL Admin Abuse 3.0

BigD Admin's Vs every body else.
Super Defence of Customs

Game mode : Super Defence

Players : Up to 100 - Admin team VS everyone and anyone else

Rounds : 2
Round Time : 40 Minutes (10 minutes build time)
Event Time: Approx. 2 hours
Setup Required: Minimal Setup - Roll map to Customs hard point and play Game
Try arrive 10 minutes early for Briefing

This is a battle of Carentan - building up Customs.
Will need to try keep it balance Between the teams.
So first in best dressed for the for the non-Admin team

• Offence team is to wait 10 minutes before attacking ( and set up garrisons and OP's ) Anyone that shoots befor the 10 minute timer will be punished.
• Defence team has 10 minutes to build a mega defence of the Customs area.
• Transport trucks, supply trucks and halftracks allowed.
• Commander and abilities allowed.
• One active tank allowed.

*admins may bend rule as needed

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Admin Abuse 3.0
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