Nothing works better than Teamwork 

(Teamwork and Maturity)


Teamwork, Social and Fairplay has been the ideology of BigD Gaming since its inception, and we seek to uphold this wherever possible.

By joining a BigD Gaming Squad Server, you agree to and are bound to all rules listed on this page.


General Values

  1. At all times Players and Admins are expected to act with integrity and treat each other with respect.
  2. Listen and work with your squad and team to the best of your ability.
  3. If you are new to the game or inexperienced with certain aspect be sure to ask questions first! Some assests/actions may cause your team to lose if misused.
  4. Don’t take things too seriously, it’s a game!

Players may be punished if they are not considered to be displaying Teamwork or Fairplay, regardless of whether they have broken any of the below rules. We all like to have a laugh, and fool around, but not to the detriment of other player’s experience.



1. General

  1. Advertising in any form for clans, communities, websites or any other individual/group is forbidden without approval of a Community Manager.
  2. Any discussion of bans or rules in-game is considered poor etiquette. 
    1. We encourage users to join us on Discord or the Support Forums in order to resolve all grievances.
  3. Impersonation of any BigD Squad Admins, Managers, Moderators, Clan Members or other affiliated individuals and groups is forbidden.

2. Gameplay

  1. No Teamkilling, Ghosting, Glitching, Griefing, Spamming, Exploiting, Cheating, Hate Speech or Blatant Racism.
  2. The following vehicles require 2 crewman (minimum):
    1. Main Battle Tanks – Abrams, T72, Challenger, T62 and Leopard  
    2. IFV – Bradley, Warrior and BMPs (1 & 2)  
  3. Vehicle assets are claimed by specific Squad Name indicating which vehicle/s are being claimed. 
    1. First in, first served. 
    2. Locked specialised squads with the required number of crewman roles get priority over infantry squads.
  4. Do not waste or misuse team assets, this includes but is not limited to: 
    1. Using Vehicles as one way transports for yourself.
    2. Hogging Logistics for FOBs not on the frontline/cap points.
    3. Leaving Vehicles behind in a non active area. (Either blow it up, drive it to an active area or send it back to main. Especially Logistics Vehicles)
    4. Using air vehicles to collide with enemy soldiers, vehicles or infrastructure

3. Squads

  1. You must join/create a squad or you will be considered AFK and may be kicked.
  2. Do not create a squad unless you intend on leading it. (ie you create a squad and disband or hand over leadership)
  3. Squad Leaders must have Squad Leader Kit and have a working microphone.
  4. Squad Leaders may kick you for any reason they wish, do not retaliate if they do so, either come see an admin (If you have an issue with it) or join another squad.
  5. Please ensure you and your squad are playing towards the active flags (Atk/Def) as often as possible. 
    1. Exceptions to this are smaller squads (4 players or less) who are operating behind lines activities; ie Mortars, logistics, TOWs.

4. Server Seeding (When the SERVER is equal/ below 40 players)

  1. Do NOT place the FOBs/ HABs within and at least 100 meters away from the middle cap or one cap back from the middle cap 
    1. HABs that are placed on or too close to the cap MAY be attacked and dug down
    2. Do NOT place a FOB between the middle cap and the enemies next cap
  2. Only fight over the middle cap and no further - i.e. if you take the middle cap, defend it
  3. Do NOT camp or takedown enemy FOBs that are off cap
  4. Do NOT cap past the middle cap
  5. Do NOT use mortar or any other offensive emplacements



Reporting Player
  • Raise the issue in-game to an admin who is online – do not continually spam or harass an admin.
  • If unable to raise an admin in-game, raise an issue in the #need-an-admin text channel by using the notifier @Squad Admin
  • Otherwise you can raise the issue via the Support Ticket system @ under the category ‘Player Report’
  • You will not be punished for making a report, unless deliberately spamming or making a false statement
  • Avoid retorting to trolls and flamers, this will only make things worse.
Reporting Staff
  • Moderators and Admins are subject to the same rules – if you feel a Moderator or Admin has treated you unfairly or is breaking the rules, please lodge a ‘Admin Feedback’ Support Ticket
  • Please don’t make accusations public.
  • Please don’t argue with a Moderator or Admin’s instructions at the time.



All infractions will be handled at Game Admin discretion

Possible punishments are:

  • verbal/written warnings
  • game server kick
  • game server ban (temporary and/or permanently removed from server)



  • Please review these rules occasionally to ensure you are up to date with them.
    • We will do our best to notify the community of any significant rule changes, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know and adhere to these rules.
  • Please note rules in grey are currently not enforced, this is subject to change. As we value the feedback of our community we may change our rules at anytime as to ensure better game play for all.
  • BigD Gaming reserves the right to protect the integrity of our community, servers, player base & any other service/entity.
  • BigD SQUAD Admins have been empowered to make judgement on whether a server is unbalanced and to either request and/or force a player(s) to switch teams as to improve the game play of the server.



BigD Gaming Senior Admin Team

Squad Squad - Oceanic Community Squad Event – Last Stand (Super FOB)
  • 133
  • 0
EVENT: Oceanic Community Squad Event – Last Stand (Super FOB)
TIME: 24 September 2021 19:00PM EAST
HOST: Aussie Battler Gaming (ABG)
MAP: Skorpo AAS v1
Note: The time is relative to your time zone as it auto calculates.
BRIEF/OBJECTIVE: The USA have been overrun by the Russians in the...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night: Search & Destroy
  • 242
  • 0
EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Search & Destroy
DATE: Friday 20th August
TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST
HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)
MAP: Anvil AAS V1
The Russians have attempted to hide two stashes of weapons and white sniffing powder….it is up to the British to find...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night : Operation Desert Storm - Gulf War
  • 305
  • 0
EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Operation Desert Storm - Gulf War
DATE: Friday 6th August
TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST
HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)
MAP: Tallil Tanks v1
If you are not familiar with Operation Desert Storm of the 1990's then you are about to be!
In the...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night: Wake Island Extraction
  • 321
  • 0
EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Wake Island Extraction

DATE: Friday 23rd July

TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST

MODS: Wake Island (4GB Download)

HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)

MAP: Wake Island AAS V1

During an attempt at friendly war games between the Russian and USA armed...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night: Reborn SQZ (Zombies)
  • 285
  • 0
EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Reborn SQZ

DATE: Friday 16th July

TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST

MODS: Reborn SQZ (Link Below: 3GB Download)

HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)

MAP: 2-3 Maps & Modes (time dependent)
1) Fools Road - Last Stand
2) Cursed - Hives
3) Serpent - Extraction...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night: SKORPO ISLAND!
  • 363
  • 2
EVENT: Friday Fight Night: Skorpo Island

DATE: Friday 9th July

TIME: 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST


HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)

MAP: Skorpo RAAS V4


Mother Russia has taken a hold of the small and seemingly useless island off the East Coast of Skorpo.

The USA...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night Ft- Dorilsk
  • 207
  • 0
EVENT: Friday Fight Night Ft- Dorilsk Mod Map

DATE: TIME: Friday 25th @ 17:30 AWST 19:00 AEST 21:00 NZST

MODS: Dorilsk (Map Mod)

HOST: BigD Gaming (Customer Server)

MAP: Dorilsk AAS V1

Dorilsk is a smaller forest map set in Eastern Europe, featuring a number of highly defendable...
Squad Steel Division Mod Server
  • 803
  • 0
With the announcement of public licensed servers being allowed to run mods, BigD Gaming has gone ahead and setup our second SQUAD server for modding.

Today we are happy to announce that BigD will be running a 24/7 Steel Divison server starting from tonight the 15th of June.
Our server will go...
Squad - Goose Bay Fob Off
  • 387
  • 0
EVENT: FOB Off Goose Bay
DATE: 11/06/2021
TIME: 1700 AWST | 1900 AEST | 2100 NZST - BRIEFING to occur 10 minutes before kick off.
MODS: NA HOST: BigD Gaming | Join the BigD Gaming Discord Server! |
DETAILS: Do you like to super fob? Well, here is your chance! One team...
Squad - Black Hawk Down
  • 261
  • 0
EVENT: Black Hawk Down
DATE: 28/05/2021
TIME: 1800 AWST | 2000 AEST | 2200 NZST - BRIEFING to occur 15 minutes before kick off.
HOST: BigD Gaming |

Briefing: The INS forces have shot down a USA Black Hawk in the city of Fallujah and have formed a barrier between the USA forces and the...

BigD Server Donations

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We ask our community members to contribute towards the monthly costs of running our dedicated box, which runs our Community backed gaming servers.

In addition this funds our website, forum software and associated add-ons.

Any extra, we bank for months we don’t hit our target.

NB: Donations made to BigD Gaming are voluntary and are not refundable.

For those who donate AU$10 or more, will receive the following benefits:

Reserved Player Slot access on BigD Squad & Post Scriptum servers for 30 days

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