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RS2:V Server Rules

Nothing works better than Teamwork

(Teamwork and Maturity) 

Teamwork, Social and Fair-play has been the ideology of BigD Gaming since its inception, and we seek to uphold this wherever possible. 

By joining a BigD Gaming Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (RS2V) Server, you agree to and are bound to all rules listed on this page. 

General Values 

  1. At all times Players and Admins are expected to act with integrity and treat each other with respect.
  2. Listen and work with your unit and team to the best of your ability.
  3. If you are new to the game or inexperienced with certain aspects, be sure to ask questions first! The BigD RS2V community is there to support you, and our regular players are more than happy to help newcomers find their feet. 
  4. Some assets/actions may cause your team to lose if misused.

RS2V: Specific Admin rule

Remember…Common sense prevails when playing on BigD RS2V servers.

The RS2V Admin team may take action against players if they are not considered to be displaying Teamwork or Fair-play, regardless of whether they have broken any of the below rules. We all like to have a laugh and fool around, but not at the detriment of other players’ experience. 



  1. Racism, sexism, hate-speech or any kind of interaction that is discriminatory, toxic or disruptive will not be tolerated.
  2. Any form of hacking, cheating or exploiting game bugs deliberately will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Intentional teamkilling is not permitted. Ensure to apologise for accidental teamkills
  4. Text and/or VOIP spamming is discouraged, and admin action may be taken if you are found to be disrupting the enjoyment of the game for other players
  5. Advertising clans, communities, websites or another individual/groups is forbidden without the approval of a Community Manager. 
  6. Discussion of bans or rules in-game is considered poor etiquette.  
  7. We encourage users to join us on Discord or the Support Forums in order to resolve all grievances. 
  8. Impersonation of any BigD Admins, Managers, Moderators, Clan Members, or other affiliated individuals and groups is forbidden. 
  9. Seeding rule: No Commander role to be used until 20 players or more(total) are on the server
  10. Stream sniping is considered an exploit of the game and will be punished as such. 



  1. You must join/create a unit or you will be considered AFK and may be kicked. 
  2. Do not create a unit unless you intend on leading it (i.e. you create a unit and leave). 
  3. All leadership positions (Commander, Squad Leader) must communicate effectively via VoIP or text. VoIP is strongly recommended for a better play experience.
  4. Squad leaders may kick you for any reason they wish. Do not retaliate if they do so, either come see an admin (if you have an issue with it) or join another squad. 
  5. Ensure you and your squad are playing the objective(s) to support the team objective
  6. It is strongly recommended certain role types are played as intended (e.g. Radioman supporting the Commander)

Seeding, rules, and whitelisting rewards

In order to kick-off an empty server, we have the following seeding rules in place to get the servers full as quickly as possible while maintaining fun for those in-game. 
Seeding often involves players joining and being away from the keyboard. We highly encourage seeders to be active whilst seeding where possible. As such, admins may move players between teams to get a good balance for fun and healthy team play. 

How to be notified of BigD RS2V seeding

Join the BigD Discord, goto #discord-role and react to the BigD Server Seed section for RS2V. You will receive discord notifications of when seeding is kicking off and is a great opportunity to mingle with other BigD community members in Discord.

Seeding rules:

  1. No Commander role to be used until 20 players or more(total) are on the server

Some maps are not conducive or enjoyable whilst seeding, please contact an admin if you would like the map changed. Admins may change the maps at convenient times at their discretion for the benefit of seeding the server.

BigD Gaming rewards for assisting with seeding

If you contribute to seeding BigD RS2V servers, you will be rewarded for your efforts with whitelisting on the RS2V servers for 1 month. The servers will track your time contribution and once you hit the time required, Admins will be notified to add you to the whitelist.



Reporting Player 

  • Type !admin whilst in-game chat or raise a ticket via #-need-an-admin via the BigD Discord
  • If unable to raise an admin in-game, raise a ticket in the BigD Discord “RS2V admin support” ticket system. 
  • You will not be punished for making a report unless deliberately spamming or making a false statement 
  • Avoid retorting to trolls and flamers; this will only make things worse. 

Reporting Staff 

  • Moderators and Admins are subject to the same rules – if you feel a Moderator or Admin has treated you unfairly or is breaking the rules, please lodge a ‘Admin Feedback’ Support Ticket for RS2V
  • Please don’t make accusations public. 
  • Please don’t argue with a Moderator or Admin’s instructions at the time.  
  • Please do not DM Admins to discuss matters privately



All infractions will be handled at the Game Admin discretion 

Possible punishments are: 

  • Verbal/written warnings 
  • In-game punishment (e.g. role kick)
  • game server kick 
  • game server ban (temporary and/or permanently removed from BigD and/or Community servers) 


  • Please review these rules occasionally to ensure you are up to date with them. 
  • We will do our best to notify the community of any significant rule changes, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know and adhere to these rules. 
  • Our ruleset is designed to maintain a fair play for the RS2V server experience. These rules are subject to change as the game and meta evolve. 
  • BigD Gaming reserves the right to protect the integrity of our community, servers, player base & any other service/entity. 
  • We may remove any individual/group/clan/community/etc from all BigD RS2V servers either temporary or permanently. 
  • BigD RS2V Admins have been empowered to make judgment on whether a server is unbalanced and to either request and/or force a player(s) to switch teams to improve the gameplay of the server.