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We ask our community members to contribute towards the monthly costs of running our dedicated box, which runs our Community backed gaming servers.

In addition this funds our website, forum software and associated add-ons.

Any extra, we bank for months we don’t hit our target.

NB: Donations made to BigD Gaming are voluntary and are not refundable.

For those who donate AU$10 or more, will receive the following benefits:

Reserved Player Slot access on BigD Squad & Post Scriptum servers for 30 days

  • Must have your Steam profile associated to your BigD Web account HERE

Donator role colour on our Discord server

  • Must have your Discord profile associated to your BigD Web account HERE
    Donator forum rank bar

Project Reality: Server Rules 2015


Teamwork and Maturity has been the mantra of BigD since its inception, and we seek to uphold this wherever possible. Teamwork and Maturity can be summed up to ‘don’t be a dick’; however here are some guidelines for those that can’t grasp the concept:

  • Listen to your Squad Leader and Commanders.
  • We at all times expect players and Admins to act with integrity and play the game.
  • The game is not about your K/D or Score. Grabbing assets or snipers and going lone wolf does not exhibit teamwork or maturity. You are NOT Rodger Ramjet.
  • Gloating in global chat is not considered ‘mature’ and you will be punished accordingly.
  • End of round mumble spam is bad etiquette and offenders will be removed.
  • Foul language isn't mature, and won't be tolerated for long.
  • All infractions listed below will result in a warning first.
  • Don’t take things too seriously, it’s a game!

Players may be punished if they are not considered to be displaying Teamwork or Maturity, regardless of whether they have broken any of the rules. We all like to have a laugh, and fool around, but not to the detriment of other players.

1.  Squad creation and management

  1. a.  No squads are to be created before the timer reaches 2:00. Players will be resigned. Repeated attempts will result in temp ban.
  2. b.  It is considered good etiquette to ask a Squad Leader before you take a kit. If you repeatedly cause issues, or interrupt a Squad’s gameplay by using said kits you will be removed from the server at an admin’s discretion. See Teamwork and Maturity.
  3. c.  INFANTRY and MECH INFANTRY squads are not to be locked, no matter the number of squad members.
  4. d.  It is considered good etiquette for squad members to follow their squad leader’s orders. If you repeatedly cause issues, you will be removed from the server. See Teamwork and Maturity.
  5. e.  Free Kit squads are not allowed, and will be resigned.

2.  Communication and Mumble

  1. a.  Using ‘global chat’ is forbidden, unless for admin purposes. Using global chat for gloating, teasing, arguing or insulting will result in a kick.
  2. b.  All players are required to have a working microphone.
  3. c.  All players are required to have Mumble installed and working.
  4. d.  Commo Rose spam is considered unprofessional, and against the rules. This includes during the game, and between rounds.
  5. e.  It is preferred that Squad leaders can speak English. This rule will be administered at the admins discretion.
  6. f.  Racist, abusive and hate speech is not tolerated and will result in a ban.
  7. g. Swearing is tolerated, but up to a point. Deliberately typing swear words in global or team chat will cop you a ban. C-word is not taken nicely.

3.  Asset and Emplacement Rules

  1. a.  HEAVY ASSETS, such as TANKS, APCs, all CAS, SUICIDE VEHICLES, TOW equipped vehicles and MORTARS are not to be used until 20v20.
  2. b.  When claiming Heavy assets, it is considered a privilege and not a right. If the general consensus is that you are wasting, or being detrimental to the team with your assets, you will be resigned or removed from the server. See Teamwork and Maturity.
  3. c.  Any emplacements (FOBs, MORTARS ect…) that cannot be destroyed via C4 are considered illegal. We appreciate mistakes can happen however.

4.  Using Assets and ‘Claiming’

The following assets are considered claimable; however exceptions are tolerated if the squad or squad members are in violation of the Asset rules. See Teamwork and Maturity. You can also ask the asset squad politely to borrow a vehicle.

  1. a.  TANKS: All Main Battle Tanks and Anti-Tank vehicles. This DOES NOT include insurgent technical.
  2. b.  CAS: Close Air Support, includes Gunships, Reconnaissance Helicopters and Jets.
  3. c.  MECH INF:  Allowed ONE APC or IFV. Mechanised Infantry take priority over APC squads. Multiple MECH INF squads allowed.
  4. d.  APC/IFV:  Claimable AFTER MECH INF has chosen their vehicle.
  5. e.  TRANS: Includes all transport helicopters. If no TRANS squad exists, or if an admin considers the TRANS squad to be wasting assets, then claimable status is void.

Any assets not listed above are on a FIRST IN/BEST DRESSED basis. If an asset is not listed above, ‘Claimable’ status is not enforced. Please ensure that your squad name bears some resemblance to the asset names above.

5.  Forbidden Tactics and Behaviour

  1. Suicide Tactics are forbidden, except in Insurgency game types.
  2. Road killing is allowed ‘within reason’. Single crewing a single vehicle for the sole purpose of vehicular manslaughter is not considered ‘reasonable’ and will be punished. See Teamwork and Maturity.
  3. Attacking the opposing team’s first flag IS ALLOWED, provide that the flag is ‘cappable’.
  4. Camping or attacking an enemy’s ‘main base’ or ‘Dome of Death’ or ‘uncappable’ flag is strictly forbidden
  5. Building assets IN or CLOSE TO the ‘main base’ or ‘Dome of Death’ is not allowed, and punishments will be handed out accordingly. CLOSE TO is defined as within one grid squares of the base or DoD (NOT keypads).
  6. Using any form of cheating is forbidden. Those caught will be permanently banned.
  7. Using any in game glitches for your advantage is strictly forbidden. Those caught will be permanently banned.
  8. ‘Ghosting’, or reporting your teams location, ticket count or assets to the enemy strictly forbidden, and those caught will be permanently banned.
  9. Advertising for clans or servers is not considered good etiquette and will result in your removal from the server.
  10. Any discussion of bans in-game is not allowed. We encourage users to join us on TeamSpeak or Forums to engage in conversation. Those that do will be looked at more favourably.
  11. Any form of Trolling, baiting or stupidity won’t be tolerated. See Teamwork and Maturity. This includes end of round Team killing.
  12. No Team-killing what so ever. Accidents can happen and will be excused on the first occasion.


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