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    First Cap Rush Rule (Poll & Discussion)

    I share similar frustrations to Flanders above. However it's not our call and I think it's best to sit tight to see how the community server turns out. In saying that we need to do something different to encourage players (outside of just units) to actually play there, not sure what but.
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    AU v US 36 v 36 Friendly (22.1.17, 1400 AEDT)

    Are the units going to have a commander or is it up to the individual unit leaders in-game to develop strategies and movements? Also an idea of the units and rosters when possible would be ace! :)
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    Media Team 2017

    I always thought the following was a pretty great idea to promote a server/squad. View: Basically a server admin uses his cam to cover a match of squad (in this case a public game) and provides...
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    First Cap Rush Rule (Poll & Discussion)

    Yeah that's the point Flanders and I are trying to make. As you highlighted the AU population for squad is tiny and therefore we are unable to seed that white-list server effectively (I know I've tried a handful of times, the best we got was around 30 or so players iirc). Simply not enough clans...
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    First Cap Rush Rule (Poll & Discussion)

    I've never seen that white-list server filled at all (correct me if I am wrong) so its completely pointless imo to have varying rule sets. Players go where the population is and that's fact. In spite of seeding most of the regulars choose to play with each other even if opposing, even more so...
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    BigD Squadiversary

    I am now down - from maybe.
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    BigD Squadiversary

    maybe for me pls
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    Teamspeak vs Discord

    Agreed, I use discord for a number of my other community based online games such as WoW & Dota2 so I am naturally inclined to support Discord over TS.
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    No Mans Sky on GOG

    A little hesitant to buy this game with all the poor reviews coming out; No Man’s Sky Review – Falling Skies – The Jimquisition |
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    V7 poor FPS info

    source on that 7.1 hotfix Madhouse? Curious to see what's on the changelog.
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    V7 poor FPS info

    so did everyone actually get better frames with this hotfix? I am running a 1070 and a i5 3570 @ 4.3 and was running 60+ last patch but was 40-45 all of last night.
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    Squad Leader Recommendation Thread!

    Legit SL and competent all round player. Would firefight with again 10/10
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    GTX 1070 1440P KING?

    Likely going to be my upgrade from my ageing GTX670 OC The price point between the 1070 and 1080 has me tripping. I've never been one to go for the x80 series as the x70 provide so much value for the price. Will be interesting to see how the AU retailers play this out.
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    Squad OPs - Weekly event on BigD servers?

    I've been following Karma's squad ops videos when they were first released. I am down, love the realism and the tension in those videos. Likely to drum up a few regulars as well I bet.