Former Affiliates

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We are a non-competitive group that enjoy the casual side of Squad. Despite us not playing in competitive, we aim to play the game at a high standard all while having a good time. Feel free to join our Discord however please keep in mind that we are curr
Pleasant Boys
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Pleasant Boys is a collection of handsome, patient businessmen from down under that doesn’t exist. If you can find us we enjoy competing in games and having a fair bit of banter along the way. We primarily play Squad (with ULD), EFT and several RTS's.
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Founded by members of the now disbanded salt. clan, SPECTRE is a competitive Squad clan that aim's to follow in it's footsteps, focusing on teamwork, cohesion, skill and just having a good time while we are at it.
Super 6
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Super 6 is a group of easy going mates who play squad and almost any other type of PC game. You'll catch us pumping tunes on a Fri night when the frothies are flowing and the b00l is hot. If you're a big viber and we think so too, S6 may just be for you