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Lest We Forget
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"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

lest we forget.
Squad - Friday Fight Night | Defend The Commander
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Event: Defend The Commander
Date: 30/04/2021
Time: 7:30PM AEST (Briefing) 8:00PM AEST (Start Time)
Location: BigD Gaming Events Server (Custom Browser)
Story Line: The Insurgents have pushed the U.S. infantry out of the city of Al Basrah and are closing in on a high-level military target...
Squad - Friday Fight Night [Tallil Tanks]
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BigD Friday Special Event: Squad - Talil Tanks AAS V2

Ladies and gentlemen! Due to popular request we are bringing forward an special event that has been requested for several weeks now. Talil Tanks!!!

This event will play out as follows!

The MEA needs to eliminate both M1A2 Abrams.....simple...
Squad - One Life Event
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One chance!
One stand!

BigD is excited to present the One Life event proudly developed by PA!

Players will have one chance to defend an American FOB and its special cargo against hostile attackers. If you give up or bleed out that’s it, you’re out! But don’t stress you will get to...
HLL BigD Gaming - HLL - 12v12 Tournament
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BigD Gaming - HLL - 12v12 Tournament

BigD Gaming is proud to present a tournament worthy of the BEST HLL Teams! With the support & help of our community affiliated clans & the HLL Admin/Events Team we have put together a GRAND TOURNAMENT!

Best of luck to those who enter & claim victory in the...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night
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Friday Fight Night has once again returned to BigD Gaming!

With Version 2 of Squad well under way, we are bringing back the Friday Fight Night events, open to all who wish to have a round or two of organised chaos and a higher standard of gameplay.

To get amongst the action just take a few...
HLL HLL Sunday Sessions!
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Hey everyone!

We have rescheduled our regular Monday event for next week in the interest of getting more of the community involved!

With that said, Sunday sessions are back! Join us on Sunday, 7th March at 8pm AEDT as the community takes on HFKT in 50v50 competitive warfare in St Mere Eglise...
Disruptive Behaviour on BigD Servers
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BigD Gaming aims to host a positive gaming environment on all games we host. Teamwork, Social and Fairplay has been the ideology of BigD Gaming since its inception, and we seek to uphold this wherever possible.

Disruptive behaviour such as but not limited to: Trolling, Racism, Griefing, Failure...
Squad Squad - King of The Castle
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BigD Gaming will be running a "King of The Castle” Event!

Map: Narva AAS v3

Time/Date: 7:30pm AEDT 04/12/2020

RSVP: Register on the BigD Discord Squad Alerts Channel
To ensure you spot is reserved, react with a "thumbs up" to participate and an "ok hand" to reserve your spot as a Squad...
HLL HELL LET LOOSE - Best of the Best
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Monday 23, November 2020
8pm AEDT ( 15 Mins early for set-up)
Game Mode - Standard Warfare - Utah Beach

Register Officially at Big D Discord hll-events-info
Squad Squad - Escort The Convoy [ONE LIFE EVENT]
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BigD Gaming will be running an "Escort The Convoy" One Life Event!

Map: Al Basrah AAS V1

Time/Date: 7:30pm AEDT 21/11/2020

RSVP: Register on the BigD Discord Squad Alerts Channel

General Rules/Restrictions:
1) All players start at a designated zone.
2) 10 minute set up faze for both sides...
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Standard Match : No Restrictions
Map : St Mere Eglise (Warfare)
Register on the BigD discord page hll-events-info

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Just a fkn good bloke.
Back and playing again :)
BigD is absolutely awesome, change my mind.
Looking for a home
Now that I got given a copy of Hell Let Loose by Madhouse I'm gonna have to work on stopping the "scratch and sniff", especially before eating. I never wash my hands before a meal and eating KFC after going under cloth can get a bit sour.

Seriously though, thanks for the game guys. Mad love, mad house.
I didn't win the copy of Hell Let Loose that Madhouse was offering up in the group chat earlier when you guys were initiating us [BOM] boys into fold. I think he was put off the fact that I smell my fingers after I scratch my ********. I think he also took offense to princess Diana's last hat being a bonnet. Is there another copy floating around? I should stop drinking whiskey while I do all this **** hey?
First donation! Happy to contribute for a fantastic host
retired and traveling australia:):):)
Always give 100%, unless you're giving blood.