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HLL Alpha Patch 03
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Thanks so much for your patience!
We’re about to release the new and final patch for the Alpha. You can follow the release time here. After we release, we’ll be leaving the servers online until midnight 28 May (the end of Memorial Day). We will spend as much time playing as possible before we...
Conan Hump Day Hunt!
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Wednesday will mark the start of our first Conan Exiles event & what better day than Hump Day!

Roaming the Exiled Lands, a man who claims wealth measured in Gold & Silver will for an evening become vulnerable. Find him if you can, attack him if you dare!

It will be no easy feat to achieve, but...
Squad Alpha 11.1
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It has been three weeks since Alpha 11 entered public testing. Because we didn't get around to fixing many of the bugs you reported right away, we decided to release A11 as it was and push more bugfixes in this minor patch. Some of the changes are intended to help with the balance of the game...
Second Dedicated Server - Donation Goal Achieved!
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Good news peoples, we have smashed the goal of $1500 to acquire a second dedicated server for the BigD Gaming Community!

A massive thank you to those who have made it possible to expand the possible services the community can now be provided with.
The second server should be online mid next...
Weekend playtest - status update #3
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Dear PS community,

As most of you already know, Periscope Games is hosting internal playtests twice a week in order to make sure our first iteration of Post Scriptum is the most enjoyable as possible.

At the end of April, we had our big event with developers, streamers/YouTubers and internal...
HLL Update 18/05/18
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Hot of the press from the Devs!

We are almost (once again) set to push this next update. As a team we always aim to deliver something that is fun to play and gives the best representation of our final vision. We want you all to be able to play HLL and know it's a lot faster to get you back in...
Second Dedicated Server
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BigD Gaming is pushing ahead in 2018 and to do so requires a second dedicated server to host additional game servers on.

The second server will allow us to host a bigger Conan Exiles server, a permanent 24/7 ARMA server, allow SQUAD and Post Scriptum to have its own dedicated server so it is...

Squad SquadChat - 3 - ft. Chuc and Fuzzhead

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We talked for about two hours covering topics from Project Reality, game modes, motion capture and animation, and much more! The video is here:

BigD & Conan
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Conan hit full release & BigD have launched our own server for all the aspiring BARBARIANS out there!

If you've played this before, it's time to join us again and discovery the new zones and features that have been added on Conan's official full release. If you don't own the game, it's a...
Conan Exiles - Full Release
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Conan Exiles has made it to full release as of 8th May. There have been many features and changes made to this game since EA and BigD are thinking it may be time to check them out ourselves.

Please have a read through some of the information below and keep an eye on our BigD Discord...
HLL Community update and Server information
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Hi everyone!

As a DEV team, when something doesn't quite go to plan it can be a little frustrating and we know you share that frustration too. We want to be open and transparent with as much of this development process as we possibly can, it is super important to us that we are. This means you...
The Forest is full release!
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Finally The Forest has left EA & ventures into the official v1.0 full release phase.

BigD will be hosting a server!

After playing this game for a couple of years and seeing the progress, I cant wait to jump back into it now and check out what Endnight Games have achieved.

If anyone would like...

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