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Squad - Friday Fight Night [Tallil Tanks]
  • 120
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BigD Friday Special Event: Squad - Talil Tanks AAS V2

Ladies and gentlemen! Due to popular...
Squad - One Life Event
  • 185
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One chance!
One stand!

BigD is excited to present the One Life event proudly...
Squad Squad - Friday Fight Night
  • 291
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Friday Fight Night has once again returned to BigD Gaming!

With Version 2 of Squad well under...
Squad Squad - King of The Castle
  • 379
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BigD Gaming will be running a "King of The Castle” Event!

Map: Narva AAS v3

Time/Date: 7:30pm...
Squad Squad - Escort The Convoy [ONE LIFE EVENT]
  • 396
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BigD Gaming will be running an "Escort The Convoy" One Life Event!

Map: Al Basrah AAS V1...
Seeding Changes
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Hey Big D squaddies,

We have decided to bring in some changes to the Server Seeding/ low pop...

Squad Spooky Saturday

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This weekend BigD Gaming will host a SquadZ server to celebrate Halloween and other relevant...

Squad Friday Fight Night

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Get into some organised Squad with BigD! We will be playing Squad with OCE's finest and...
Squad Friday Fight Night
  • 392
  • 0
Get into some organised Squad with BigD! We will be playing Squad with OCE's finest and...
Squad FREE Whitelisting for SQUAD
  • 919
  • 7
BigD Gaming is offering free Reserved Slot access for 5 days!

You heard correctly, FREEEE...

Squad Squad - Kohat Invasion

  • 416
  • 0
Get into some organised Squad with BigD!

Please react to show your interest. If there is not...
Squad v1.0 Public Playtest
  • 230
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Morning all,

BigD is hosting a 100 player Squad server in the public playtest of Squad v1.0...

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Hi, could I please get whitelisted for the Hell get loose server? Thanks!!
Now in the LaG Clan :cool: :p
i cant join discored i want to become a member to jump queue
Still here...two years later
Squad or Hell Let Loose?
Madhouse is the coolest dude around YOYOYO