BigD Community - Media Team Opportunity!
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Happy New Year BigD Community!

As we navigate our way into another amazing year ahead with BigD Gaming and the media team are looking for individuals who wish to make their mark within the BigD Media Community!

We are currently on the lookout for people who wish to kick start their media...
SCUM Server Whitelisting Proposal
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Due to demand, we are considering offering whitelisting for those who donate towards the SCUM DownUnder server.
We want to explain how whitelisting works for SCUM and gather our community's feedback before making a decision.

From initial testing, when the server is 64/64 players (full) and a...
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EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP :: SCUM General Discussions |

The following features are available in the game as it is available now. Please continue to check this area and the Steam forums for updates to...
BigD SCUM Prison Server ORDERED!
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BigD Gaming community has pre-ordered our first SUPERMAX SCUM penitentiary and Warden MadHouse is eagerly awaiting our first batch of degenerates, perverts, fiddlers, miscreant, reprobates, nefariants, deviants and psychopaths on this Thursday 30/08/2018. (YES we know it’s been a big mistake and...
SCUM is coming!
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Can you survive a prison riot or will you end up holding someones pocket??

Come and join BigD Gaming as we welcome everyone for the launch of SCUM in AUS on 30th August as we bring the BigD server online!

As far as we know at the moment GPORTAL will be the only hosting provider, at the...
Release Date Announcement!!

Live Streamers

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Harry Azcrak wrote on CheffyVader's profile.
A1st clan from the BF1 good old days
Just a fkn good bloke.
Back and playing again :)
BigD is absolutely awesome, change my mind.
Looking for a home
Now that I got given a copy of Hell Let Loose by Madhouse I'm gonna have to work on stopping the "scratch and sniff", especially before eating. I never wash my hands before a meal and eating KFC after going under cloth can get a bit sour.

Seriously though, thanks for the game guys. Mad love, mad house.
I didn't win the copy of Hell Let Loose that Madhouse was offering up in the group chat earlier when you guys were initiating us [BOM] boys into fold. I think he was put off the fact that I smell my fingers after I scratch my ********. I think he also took offense to princess Diana's last hat being a bonnet. Is there another copy floating around? I should stop drinking whiskey while I do all this **** hey?
First donation! Happy to contribute for a fantastic host