Hell Let Loose Server

Hell Let Loose Server


  1. Server Costs
    AU$192.00 of AU$192.00 - reached!
    Minimum server costs is AU$192 per month.
  2. Stretch Goal
    AU$300.00 of AU$300.00 - reached!
    Stretch goal of $250 per month to add an extra server for the Australian playerbase/BigD Community

Overview Donations Comments

BigD Gaming Community operates purely on the generous donations our community members make available each and every month – without the donations, BigD Gaming would not be able to provide the services it currently does.

Hell Let Loose game server based in Sydney, Australia
  • 1x 100 player slot public server
  • 1x 64 player slot event server
  • Dedicated Admin Team
  • Hosted at Developer approved GSP

100 Slot Server = USD140.00 per month
Using conversion rate of USD1 to AUD0.68 = $192.00
Hell Let Loose monthly donation goal set to: $200.00


  • BigD Gaming donations are used to cover community operation costs.
  • Donations to BigD Gaming are completed entirely at the users discretion.
  • Donations to BigD Gaming are voluntary and not refundable.
  • We do not require donations to play on any of our servers, or utilise any of our services.
  • Any excess donations received in a One Month Period will be banked for future Months where donations are short of the Monthly goal.
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