General Values

  1. At all times Players and Admins are expected to act with integrity and treat each other with respect.
  2. All players must listen to Squad Leaders, Commanders, and the Admins at all times. If you have a different ideas regarding tactics, let your Squad Leader know respectifully.
  3. The game is not solely about your K/D or Score. Grabbing assets or snipers and going lone wolf does not exhibit teamwork or maturity.
  4. Don’t take things too seriously, it’s a game!


General Rules

  1. Racist, abusive and hate speech is not tolerated.
  2. Using any form of cheating is forbidden.
  3. Using any in-game glitches for your advantage is forbidden.
  4. Strictly no profanity in your in-game name.
  5. Impersonation of any BigD Arma Admins, Managers, Moderators, Clan Members or other affiliated individuals and groups is forbidden.
  6. Advertising in any form for clans, communities, websites or any other individual/group is forbidden without approval of a (Community Manager or Senior Arma Admin). 
  7. Any discussion of bans or rules in-game is considered poor etiquette. We encourage users to join us on Discord in order to resolve all grievances. 
  8. Trolling, baiting or stupidity will not be tolerated.
  9. Report any bug issues to Admins.
  10. Report any other issues to Admins in private where possible


Communication and VOIP

  1. Do not spam Text and VOIP channels.
  2. Do not argue, insult or be a d%^$.
  3. Mic spam in any channel during game play (i.e music playing) is considered disruptive, and against the rules.
  4. Swearing is tolerated, but up to a point.



  1. Deliberate team-killing is forbidden. Accidents can happen and will be excused on the first occasion. Repeated incidents will be considered deliberate.
  2. No firing weapons or throw grenades including smokes, flashbangs etc. in FOB or base locations. There will be a zero tolerance policy for breaking this etiquette as it extremely disrespectful and aggravating to your fellow team mates.
  3. Avoiding hopping around inside vehicles - espically helicopters as you will fall out.
  4. Avoid breaking immersion for others. Examples are calling out obvious Zues control, using soundboards etc.



  1. Reporting Players - Raise the issue in-game to an admin who is online, do not continually spam or harass an admin. If unable to raise an admin in-game, raise an issue in the #need-an-admin text channel on our discord by using the notifier @ARMA Admin. Otherwise you can raise the issue via the Support Ticket system on our website under the category ‘Player Report’.
  2. You will not be punished for making a report, unless deliberately spamming or making a false statement.
  3. Avoid retorting to trolls and flamers, this will only make things worse.
  4. Reporting Staff - Moderators and Admins are subject to the same rules. If you feel a Moderator or Admin has treated you unfairly or is breaking the rules please lodge an ‘Admin Feedback’ Support Ticket or contact Senior Arma Admin via discord private message. Don’t make accusations public. Don’t argue with a Moderator or Admin’s at the time as it just weakens your complaint.



Any converstations with admins will be held confidential.

Please review these rules occasionally to ensure you are up to date with them. We will do our best to notify the community of any significant rule changes, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know and adhere to these rules.

BigD Gaming reserves the right to protect the integrity of our community, servers, player base & any other service/entity.

We may remove any individual/group/clan/community/etc from all BigD Arma servers either temporary or permanently.


Admins to Contact








Nightmare Twig#2528

Valr. Kordite#7039


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Reserved Player Slots

We ask our community members to contribute towards the monthly costs of running our dedicated box, which runs our Community backed gaming servers.

In addition this funds our website, forum software and associated add-ons.

Any extra, we bank for months we don’t hit our target.

NB: Donations made to BigD Gaming are voluntary and are not refundable.

For those who donate AU$10 or more, will receive the following benefits:

Reserved Player Slot access on BigD Squad & Post Scriptum servers for 30 days

  • Must have your Steam profile associated to your BigD Web account HERE

Donator role colour on our Discord server

  • Must have your Discord profile associated to your BigD Web account HERE
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